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Cheap Car Insurance for Women

Despite all the jokes that people (usually men) love to tell about women drivers, in the car insurance industry the fact remains that car insurance is cheaper for women.

Why is Car Insurance Cheaper for Women?

The reason why ladies get better rates on car insurance is that they are seen as less of a risk by car insurance companies. Women tend to be safer drivers and have fewer accidents. If a woman does have an accident, it is usually a bump or scrape and not a complete write-off. Also, statistically women drivers have lower mileage on their cars than their male counterparts.

Online Auto Insurance Quotes for Women

In addition to the usual discounts offered to women drivers, an even better quote can be obtained by shopping online. It is firstly convenient to compare rates online from the comfort of home and secondly an insurance applicant can benefit from an additional discount of up to 10% by shopping on-line for auto insurance.

Men and Women can Benefit from Car Insurance for Women

Men can benefit from a woman's car insurance policy. Being added as a named driver on a woman's policy can work out much cheaper than a policy in a man's name, its worth looking at what is available. If a man does have a policy in his own name, it can also help to add woman as a driver onto the policy as this can bring premiums down.

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